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Vasantham promoters is one of the leading plot promoters in Tamilnadu.

The Plots/lands we sold, now became as residential area.

We buy ourselves, we develop ourselves and promote ourselves without any intermediate so we can give the plot at affordable price for the basement people also.

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”. We have developed over more than 24million sq. ft of real estate around Chennai. It has grown into one of the most respected plot promoting company in Tamilnadu, reputed for its transparent business practices and innovation.

A truly successful journey over the last 20 years has seen the company grow by leaps and bounds, as it went about creating 140+ projects and over 16,000 happy families committed to our business.

Vasantham Promoters

About Founder

Mr. JAWAHAR.P is the founder of Vasantham promoters came from the family of agriculture background. He is the first entrepreneur in his family.
At the age of 21, he started selling one or two plots then he got an interest in this field and it turned into layout with the humble beginning. In 2000 he initiated from the bottom till 2005 it was the very small company.
After 2005 it became as growing company and in 2011 it came into developed company at Chennai. From 2014 to till now, we are one of the leading plot promoting company in Tamilnadu.
Although he has been successful in plot promoting company but his success and his ambition is to provide potential/feasible housing to the basement people as well around Chennai.
our Mission

our Mission

To enhance the people by providing land at lower cost.


Convert the lands into residential area successfully.
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